Do you live to scuba dive?

Welcome to Destination-Scuba!

 Whether you’re thinking  about learning to scuba  dive

 Just starting out or are a  veteran with hundreds of  dives under your belt.

 Come in and look around,  you are just the kind of  person we want to show  around our place.....

There are scuba diving location reviews, recommendations on where to go as well as what to do and see while you are there.

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We will be adding galleries, photography articles and links to useful sites.

You will find all sorts of information on all types of recreational diving

Discussions on scuba equipment, brands and types, with tips on what to look for and where to get the best prices.

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Without getting too poetic about it, our interest is the sea and everything about it. So while we follow our passion, and as we come across information that interests us and we think may interest you, we will post them here. It would be great if you had any comments, suggestions or questions about scuba diving, let us know through our contact page.

In the meantime we will keep on adding to the site and trying to provide value for your time spent here.

We would like, through this site, to encourage more people to either get involved in scuba diving or at the very least to get an understanding of what it is all about and what lies beneath the oceans that cover the other 70% of the earth.

The photographs we put up may go some way to doing just that.

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I hope, through this site, to bring that world closer to more people in a way which is difficult to do by simply trying to talk about it.

Here we can show you!

Along the way hopefully the pages about environmental work and marine conservation will raise awareness of how fragile the oceans are and what part we can play in preserving them as we go about our scuba dive activities....

We look forward to your regular company, keep coming back as we grow our site!

We have now got a facebook page where articles are posted as well as a collection of our diving photo's - check it out!


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