Atomic Aquatics T2x

Atomic Aquatics T2x

Atomic’s venerable T2 is no more - taking its place is the more nitrox friendly T2x.

This solid-billet-titanium super breather comes with a factory-sealed first stage and a low-pressure port swivel turret. The second stage even sports titanium Comfort Swivel.

It also has a seat-saving orifice and uses Atomic’s Automatic Flow Control, a depth-activated venturi control. Work of breathing barely changes from a moderate breathing rate at 20 feet to a heavy breathing rate at 200 feet, and in the ocean the T2x provided smooth, dry performance in all positions, along with minimal bubble interference and a powerful purge.


  • Weight 1 lb., 14 oz.
  • 1st Stage Balanced piston
  • Ports 2HP, 5LP
  • 2nd Stage Pressure balanced
  • Adjustments Breathing-resistance knob

Price $1,549

Bottom Line

The T2x is the Rolls Royce of regs, with top-drawer performance, exotic metalwork and lots of cool features.

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