Atomic Aquatics Z2x

Atomic added its Comfort Swivel to the Z2 and renamed it the Atomic Aquatics Z2x.

Its balanced-piston first stage is available with a seven LP port design or a five LP port swivel turret. The second stage’s brass valve body is plated with palladium/zirconium for corrosion resistance, while the lever, orifice and second-stage spring are titanium.

It comes standard with Automatic Flow Control and a seat-saving orifice. On the breathing machine, the Z2x kept up with the T2x at every RMV/depth level and then did the same in the ocean. Test divers found very little bubble interference and lots of comfort.


  • Weight 2 lb., 8 oz.
  • 1st Stage Balanced piston
  • Ports 2HP, 5LP
  • 2nd Stage Pressure balanced
  • Adjustments Breathing-resistance knob

Price: $550

Bottom Line

The performance benefits of the T2x at about a third of what it costs for “the best.”

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