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Mares Prestige MRS Plus

No other BC in the General Purpose category could match the Prestige MRS Plus’ perfect blend of performance and price, earning it a Best Buy in the BCD reviews. This BCD offers the comfort and stability of a high-lift jacket-style BCD without the typical bulkiness or inherent buoyancy. The Prestige’s top-rated MRS Plus integrated-weight system is positioned forward, making it very easy to load and even easier to ditch the weight pouches. The power inflator is small and slim, with prominent buttons for responsive buoyancy control.
Comes in six sizes.
Price: $500

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Cressi Travelight

Everyone at some point battles with the airline baggage weight restrictions. Here is the solution.
You’d be hard-pressed to find a lighter BC that will treat you so well underwater. Earning both a BCD review Testers’ Choice and Best Buy in the Travel BC category, it was the lightest jacket-style BC in the BCD review, weighing in at just 6 pounds, yet it offers all the features you would want, including generous cargo pockets and an excellent integrated-weight system. The soft pack is comfortable, stable and folds compactly for packing.
Comes in five sizes.
Price: $444

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Aeris 5 Oceans

The 5 Oceans earned both a BCD reviews Testers’ Choice and a Best Buy in this year’s Dual Purpose category, and, overall, is our favorite BC for 2009. Light and compact for travel, with plenty of buoyant lift and ballast capacity, its minimalist rear air cell is made of stretchy BioFlex backed by bungee cord, enabling it to maintain a low-profile shape. Plus the QLR weight system is tops.
Comes in five sizes.
Price: $490

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The jacket-style Glide Pro is comfortable, stable and offers a valve system that allows for pinpoint buoyancy control. This Testers’ Choice winner features a velvety-soft neck roll and comfy back pad, and offers plenty of adjustment with its swivel shoulder buckles and depth-compensating cummerbund. The integrated-weight system is super secure.
Comes in six sizes.
Price: $599; $721 w/ Air2

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