Cressi Travelight

True Travel BCs

True Travel BCs, like the Cressi Travelight, are even lighter and more compact than Dual-Purpose BCs. They tend to be very low profile, and many are designed to fold or stow in handy storage pouches for easy traveling. True Travel BCs offer less lift capacity and smaller weight pouches to suit warm water dive scenarios.

Cressi Travelight


Cressi took their popular Flex jacket-style BC and redesigned it with featherweight 210-denier nylon that's reinforced on the back to increase durability.

Then they added a Lock Aid integrated weight system and created the Cressi Travelight.

It has good cargo capacity with two zip pockets and six light alloy D-rings. The soft pack design can be folded for travel or lay flat in your bag.

The shoulders are wide and there's plenty of padding between you and the tank. Double pulls on the chest and waist straps offer a generous range of adjustment as do lengthy shoulder straps.



  • Average Subjective Test Score 4.2
  • Dry Weight 6 lbs.
  • Buoyant Lift 29.2 lbs.
  • Inherent Buoyancy 1.8 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity 20/10 lbs.

Price $444

The Cressi Travelight is a pretty stable BC at depth for having a soft pack.
A main tank band plus a stabilizing strap help tie everything together, providing a no-wobble ride.

The power inflator fits well in the hand, and as with other Cressi BCs the rear exhaust valve's pull-cord toggle is routed forward so it's easy to find when you need it for head-first descents.

The weight pouches are easy to load--D-rings located on the waist strap give you something to pull against when inserting the pouches--and they ditch even easier.

The Cressi Travelight's air cell expands away from the body, reducing squeeze both at depth and when floating on the surface. The cargo pockets are deep with good access.

Bottom Line

If you're trying to shave off a few pounds to make the airline's weight restrictions for your trip to the tropics, you'd be hard-pressed to find a lighter-weight jacket on the market that will perform as well under water.

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