Dive medicine may help you recognise the symptoms of decompression sickness – do you know what they are for sure?

Dive medicine is becoming more and more vital as more and more people become involved in the scuba diving industry.

You will often see, on the various scuba forums, questions people are asking about different physical aspects of diving including how to treat different injuries or symptoms arising from scuba diving.

In my own experience there seems to be very little information, freely given, with regard to various aspects of diving and the medical side of the activity.

There are many questions people have with regard to basics like –

  • What happens if I perforate an ear drum?
  • What happens if I am asthmatic?
  • Is there any problem diving when pregnant?
  • What are the symptoms of decompression sickness?
  • What happens if you are put onto blood thinning medication for heart disease, can I still dive?

And many other similar questions.

The objective of this page is to simply provide information in a basic format.

It should be clearly understood the information here is gleaned from research I have done by reading and internet research. The information is a collection of advice and solutions offered by various qualified organisations as well as individuals.

In all cases the advice of a qualified medical practitioner should be sought to assist you with the particular issue you are dealing with.

If you have any doubt about your fitness, or you have a particular condition it is most advisable to seek the advice of a medical practitioner to, at the very least, enable you to make an informed decision about the practicalities of undertaking the sport.

Another important consideration to be understood is your decision does not rest solely upon your willingness to take the risk but possibly more importantly the risk you will be placing upon other people as a result of your scuba diving and, in the eventuality of you suffering an incident, the potential for causing injury to others trying to save you.

Follow the links below for answers to the posed conditions:

A person has been prescribed Warfarin, to thin their blood – are they able to continue scuba diving?

A diver is in an emergency situation and requires revival by way of automatic external defibrillators. He is however fitted with a pacemaker, is this a problem and if so what are the alternatives?

How soon can a woman return to diving after giving birth?

I am overweight by about 25kg and have had an angioplasty with three stents placed in my right coronary artery a month ago. My cardiologist is reluctant to advise whether or not I should be able to scuba dive again.

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