Global warming, man's part in it and how can we change this? The way we think is a start!

Global Warming.....I have sat tonight and watched a television documentary on the environment and how we are changing the earth, discussing the impact this is likely to have on our futures. It is Leonard Dicaprio’s 11th Hour the premise being that the earth is at the 11th hour before it is all too late and Global warming is irreversible..

Frankly it is frightening.

They interview many people who are discussing the issues and what we are doing to our earth and why the activities are creating problems in Global warming or climate change.

At one point, they show a clip where a US Senator says words to the effect of ‘the claims of the rising threat of climate change and global warming is the greatest hoax perpetrated upon mankind’……
The ignorance that displays is by no means rare; in fact unhappily it is the norm rather than the exception.

If you throw into that mix how many people are simply unaware of the rising threat, there is a huge percentage of people who simply have no desire to consider the impact of their actions upon the earth around them. Take the recent decision made to refuse to protect the Blue finned Tuna?

I must admit that at this point, I believe the earth and mankind along with it, carrying on in the way they/we are carrying on, are doomed……..

When I consider myself and my part in this:

I currently live in the Middle East living in a small country which possesses somewhere around 10% of the world’s oil resources.
I see all around me a group of people, not just the indigenous but the expatriate inhabitants too, living lives of absolute excess.

The vehicles we drive are far larger than necessary; at a guess 80% of the vehicles are huge American SUV’s, American muscle cars like the Mustang GT. The enormous shopping malls with huge consumption of energy for air-conditioning are a source of national pride.
The oil refineries gout pollution into the sea, that can be seen from the air as you fly over them.
I see people throwing rubbish from their cars out into the road as they wait at the traffic lights – not just the odd paper cup or similar but handfuls of junk, with no shame whatsoever. I have watched as a man walks out from the houses lining the beach, down to the water and throws his black dustbin bag of refuse into the sea.

The beaches here are awash with litter that never gets cleaned away by anything but the wind or tide.
The stupidity of this becomes clearer when you consider where this nation gets its water from – desalination of the sea……..

Large quantities of the human waste are pumped into the sea – why isn’t this recycled and at the very least used for agriculture?
Mainly because this is of the lowest priority – what is the highest priority is religion, moral policing of the community and self gratification of the highest level.
I am sure saying this publicly would have me deported instantly at the very least…..

What I am getting at is that this country is only doing what most other countries in the world are doing to one extent or another, maybe just a little (or a lot!) more obviously and shamelessly, and we all have to do something in our sphere of influence to stop it.

Part of the message of the documentary 11th hour , is that we are at the 11th hour, but it is time to decide to act NOW! - we can still change things to stop the slide into the turmoil we are facing. It is going to take an enormous effort on the part of millions of people. Using alternative energy sources available to us like solar energy can have an impact in slowing Global warming.

I have said on another page that one thing we have within our power, usually, is to use our democratic right to ensure that the people we vote into power are those which will do something to ensure our societies begin to live within the means of self sustainability of our earth.

Recycling, if it is available within your environment, is an absolute must.
Start to be conscious of the energy you are using in your daily lives.

Look for ways - however small you may think them - to make a difference.

If I can get more people to read my web page and through my web page change their minds or viewpoint to trying to have a positive impact then that is a small contribution….

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