Maldives scuba diving, it just can't get any better than this?

Karumba Maldives resort

When we decided we wanted to go to Maldives scuba diving, we booked an eight day scuba diving vacation on a liveaboard package.

Aerial view of Male Airport runway

We flew into Male from Sri Lanka on Sri Lankan Airlines who were great. I must admit flying in and seeing the size of the island we were going to land on was a little…… disconcerting?

Once you get down there its bigger, and the runway is longer than you think it is from the air!

Anyway once we were met by the liveabord greeting crew, we set off by boat to join the rest of our diving vacation party aboard the liveaboard. Eight days ahead of us, in Paradise!

Maldives scuba diving live aboard Nautilus 2

We were frankly pleasantly surprised - the boat was spectacular, very spacious and well finished with LOTS of room. Our cabins were quite luxurious compared to some scuba diving liveaboards we have been on and everything was well maintained and in good order. Air-conditioned, double bed and decent bathroom. The chances of us having fantastic scuba diving vacation were high! You know when you get that feeling of anticipation that all is going to be great? I had that....

The scenery and the serenity of the area is fantastic and really well worth choosing for diving vacations. I was already thinking 'how can I organise to live here?' Each Island is a small piece of Paradise you would love to disappear into.....

We started our Maldives scuba diving vacation at North Male, in specific at Banana Reef, working our way from there to South Male Atoll where we dived Embudhoo Kandu.
We found the current on this dive very strong, but at no time worrying. When we surfaced, the Dhoni (the 'tender boat' from which we entered the water) was nearby and we lay back in the warm water enjoying the surroundings and idly talking about what we had just seen below as we waited for the crew to come closer and pick us up (Hey - What do you expect? We're on scuba dive vacation!).

The water is warm, generally between 27 and 30 degrees Celcius so a 3mm shorty was good enough for me.

The reefs are abundant in sea life, with trevallies, giant groupers, plenty of moray eels, bannerfish, lots of lionfish and of course the ubiquitous goldies. Both soft and hard corals as well as sponges. Those gentle giants, the napoleon wrasse are fairly common as well.

Whale Shark Maldives

We didn’t see many sharks but they are around and grey reef sharks are a fairly common sight. We saw sailfish and dolphins a few times on the surface while we were travelling between dive locations. We were lucky enough to have a close encounter with whale sharks and on another occasion a manta, which is yet another one of the reasons people come to Maldives scuba diving.

Dolphin surfing the bow wave

powder blue Surgeon fish

The Thilas, which are a submerged pinnacle, are a wonderful dive and honestly some of them we could have stayed and dived over and over, you just don’t get to see all you want to see in a couple of dives at each location.

We found the diving very easy, the staff were superb and couldn’t do enough to make it a special diving vacation for us.

The season for maldives scuba diving is pretty much all year round. What differs or depends is what you want to see.

December to March has clearest water, hottest temperatures are April to June.
November to May are reputed to be the best for liveaboard diving, April to June is the best time for Manta Rays and Whale Sharks.
I am told February and July are a bit colder so be careful what scuba gear you take, it is a good idea to check what is suitable for the month you wish to travel.

Some details on what to expect:

Water Temperature:

February and July 24°C April, May and September through to January around 27°C So as far as scuba diving vacations go - its all year round just depends on what you want to see.


Varies - 5mm shorty is safe, in colder months 5mm full wetsuit may be better.


Visibility is varied from 15m to 40m and beyond....

Types of Diving:

Reef Dives, Drift Diving, a little Wreck Diving


June to October – December to March although you can dive all year.


It is warm all year round.

I think that when I die, I don't want to go to Heaven, I want to go to the Maldives scuba diving!

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