Oceanic Delta 4.1

The FDX-10 first stage of the Oceanic Delta 4.1 comes with an environmental kit and Dry Valve Technology (DVT), which seals off the high-pressure inlet at the yoke to keep out moisture and contaminants.

The second stage is fitted with another Oceanic invention: Dynamic Adjustment. Once set by the diver, it automatically maintains breathing resistance throughout the dive.

This reg smoked the breathing machine in the test RMV/depth category for recreational diving, and it did nearly as well at the deeper test stops.

It also earned Very Good ratings in all ergo test categories, and the breathing-resistance knob was among the best in this go-round.


  • Weight 2 lb., 10 oz.
  • 1st Stage Overbalanced diaphragm
  • Ports 2HP, 4LP
  • 2nd Stage Mechanically balanced
  • Adjustments Dive/Predive switch, breathing-resistance knob

Price: $569.95


Bottom Line

A great reg with some nice features. We can’t complain about the performance or the price.

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