SCUBAPRO Geo, the BCD to travel with....

The SCUBAPRO Geo is an ideal addition to your scuba gear inventory.

The main thing with this BC is that it weighs 4.21lbs and folds up into a small, easily packable bundle. Anyone who has travelled to a dive destination by air will by now have experienced the pre-vacation nightmare - 'what can I leave behind?'

The SCUBAPRO Geo has been designed specifically for the travelling diver.

The backpack component is lightweight and padded airnet, also constructed with no hard parts which allows the BCD to be folded in a compact parcel.

Tank Attachment belt is in the familiar main belt form with an additional upper belt for added stability.

The BC features large storage pockets conveniently located to provide ease of access, made with 210 denier, polyurethane coated, nylon fabric reinforced with mesh for efficient water drainage.

The SCUBAPRO Geo is exceptionally easy to fold and pack away, with the GO/DIVE buckle to secure it inside the custom pouch provided with the BC.

The fact that the SCUBAPRO Geo comes standard with 6 D-rings is a plus, if you are like me - have plenty of places to hook your 'gadgets' is a must!

Side grommets are provided for SCUBAPRO knife attachment.

The new single aircell design provides excellent buoyancy and comfort.

Available Spring/Summer 2010

MSRP W/BPI $449.00 MSRP W/AIR2 $569.00

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