The scuba diving equipment you buy at first can make the difference between a lifelong passion, and short lived fad.

You shouldn’t decide to buy your own scuba diving equipment until you have got open water certification and a few dives under your belt.

That is; enough scuba dives to have made up your mind that it is a sport you are going to continue to pursue on a regular basis.

The point being that Scuba gear is quite costly and the last thing you need or want to do is invest in the scuba equipment then decide the sport isn’t for you....

You be amazed at how often that happens and the reasons behind why!

Another decision to make is prioritising which scuba diving equipment you are going to buy first.

Of course you may well be in a position where you can go out and invest in a full setup.....

The fact is that all of these items are available in most good dive resorts for rent, so you can get away without buying anything. Your own scuba gear provides the following benefits:

Comfort – Your scuba gear fits you, hire scuba gear is generally well used and the most common sizes.

Personal Hygiene – Rental kit is worn by many other people and frankly, people pee in their wetsuits

Safety - You know how your own scuba gear has been maintained, I have been with people when their hired scuba gear has failed underwater – it can be very dangerous!

Enjoyable dives – If you are renting apart from potential faults, simple unfamiliarity can make the dive hard work.

Rental Equipment is like rental cars – they don’t get looked after by the user.

The basic scuba gear setup is:




Diving fins



Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)

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