Scuba diving insurance...You are travelling to a distant country, taking a bit of a risk – are you sure your insurance has you covered?

I am sure most Scuba enthusiasts have been there – no scuba diving insurance and you’re standing at the check-in desk watching your scuba gear disappear down that belt, wondering if you’ll ever see it again.

Its just as bad when you are standing waiting at the baggage carousel on the other side thinking ‘surely it should be out by now?'. That person taking his bag off the belt checked in before me – last checked in first bags out – when should I decide to go and see ‘lost baggage’, ‘I wish I had insured!’. Then the sigh of relief when your dive gear bag slides out of the chute.....

Apart from all this, which really is only the tip of the iceberg, there are a thousand things which can go wrong from the time you step out your front door until you walk back in after your dream trip.

Things to consider:

If you are employed, does your work insurance cover you against accidents occurring while undertaking adventurous sports, of which Scuba happens to be one? You should find it generally does as work insurance tends to have a wider spread of insured members amongst which there are fewer who may be involved in ‘risky activities’.

Travel Insurance on the other hand is a whole new ballgame. People tend to do things on holiday that would not normally do when at home. This means that when you take out scuba diving insurance make very sure that it covers you for High risk activities and specifically Scuba Diving.

There are quite a few organisations who cater specifically for the Scuba industry, a well known one is DAN – Divers Alert Network. Their scuba diving insurance is built specifically around the industry.

A lot of people are under the mistaken belief that if they paid for their trip with their credit card, they have adequate insurance to cover all eventualities – beware, often you are only insured while you are actually travelling – between origin and before you arrive at your destination, while you are on holiday you are not covered and medical bills as a result of a diving accident are shocking.

- particularly if you need recompression in a hyperbaric chamber.

It is an absolute must to read the fine print and establish definitely whether you are covered, whilst on holiday, for scuba diving and what you are covered against.

Some frequently asked questions:

Does your credit card provide scuba diving insurance cover?

What does typical travel insurance cover?

What should I watch out for?

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