Underwater photography can be the most frustrating hobby, but when you get that decent shot…….. what a pleasure!

I started trying my hand at Underwater Photography about three years ago. My first scuba diving photos were fairly dismal, the differences in light and the effect of the colour losses at depth were difficult if not impossible to work out at first.

My scuba diving photos were the best way for me to remember and share what I had seen. Trying to describe what I had come across or remember enough detail to pick out the creature in a book was a non-starter.

It didn’t take long before I decided the time had arrived for me to upgrade my scuba diving camera and as I then realized, the underwater housing too. I didn’t realize at first how specific the housing was to the camera (seems obvious now!)

I bought an Olympus U700 and housing, venturing into the realms of using a strobe – very tentatively – by attaching a Sea and Sea DS-27.

My knowledge of how underwater cameras worked was limited to – Point…. Shoot… (using auto mode). I also had no idea what to do about any custom settings.

Simply point and ‘click’ hoping for the best.

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The watershed (or disaster!) came when I managed to flood my Olympus while diving in the Maldives, I was careless about the setup and forgot to close one of the clips properly (expensive!)………

This was also on the second day of the dive vacation so I have to admit to being just a LITTLE uptight.

The obvious solution was to get an underwater housing for the DSLR(digital single-lens reflex camera) I had recently bought.

I had no idea at the time what a bottomless pit of spending this would be!

There is always something new to buy or upgrade - a gadget, a new strobe, focus torches, lenses, filters and on and on and on……

Added to this I have never had to have too much reason or excuse to buy anything with the remotest ‘gadget value’.

Having been using a Canon 450d with ikelite housing and strobes for a year now, I am beginning to take far better pictures, I have a fair understanding of the technicalities of Underwater Photography, but I am a long way from where I want to be!

Hence I haunt the photography sites, subscribe to endless magazines and forums all in the name of learning how to take better scuba diving photos.

This page is dedicated to passing on whatever I find out and also to generate interactive discussions about problems and solutions which we encounter.

My intention isn’t altogether altruistic, I love photography and enjoy the process of discovery and learning, as much as I enjoy the pursuit of excellent scuba diving photos.

I have compiled a few pages on digital photography basics which concentrate on land-based photography, after all, that is the logical place to start learning.....

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