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On the 25th August 2009, 340 000 cubic meters of raw sewage pours into the persian gulf per day in a pollution incident

The Environment Public Authority (EPA) in Kuwait City has warned beach-goers and fishermen against swimming and fishing in certain places along the coast of Kuwait after the Mishref sewage plant incident. Read on>>>

SI Tech Recalls Diving Suit Hoses

October 15, 2009 SI Tech is recalling about 65,000 diving air hoses intended for use with dry suits. The hose contains an insert that can dislodge during diving and restrict air flow to the diver, posing a drowning hazard.

SI Tech has received six reports of hose inserts dislodging, including one involving the death of a diver in Los Angeles. Read on>>>

Coral worth millions - experts claim

PARIS, France -- Experts concluding the global DIVERSITAS biodiversity conference today in Cape Town described preliminary research revealing jaw-dropping dollar values of the “ecosystem services” of biomes like forests and coral reefs – including food, pollution treatment and climate regulation. Read on>>>

Scuba accident statistics released

Over half of these diving accidents were caused by a cardiac incident or Aterial Gas Embolism. Your heart and circulatory system are more important in diving than in most sports, so it's a good idea to make your heart is in good condition before diving. Read more>>>

Halcyon Announcement Important Halcyon Recall Product

Announcement made for all industry professionals, retailers and divers.
The highest priorities of Halcyon Manufacturing are the quality of our products and the safety of our customers. We are providing details regarding the voluntary recall of select Overpressure Relief Valve (OPV) Springs. Read on>>>

Maldives Cabinet meeting - Government Underwater - Literally!

Cabinet officials from the government of the Maldives are taking very unusual action to help combat climate change. On October 24, all 14 cabinet members will assemble UNDERWATER to conduct their business. Read on>>>

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