Credit card insurance – does it have scuba diving insurance?

The fact of the matter is when you are travelling, and you have decided to use credit card insurance cover for your scuba diving insurance, it is advisable to make sure you get confirmation from whichever credit card you have taken scuba diving travel insurance cover with, that you are covered for what you are going to do while travelling and where you are travelling to.

Most credit cards offer travel insurance packages and they tend to be quite basic, unless you ask for supplemental cover.

It is often called Travel Accident and is credit card insurance which literally covers you while you are actually travelling and not before you get to the airport or after you arrive at your destination and in most cases, certainly not while you are participating in high risk sports such as Scuba diving, so in effect isn't remotely scuba diving insurance.

You must read the fine print and if, like me, when you get the credit card you have a quick browse at the 14 page document that comes with it and then throw it out, get hold of the company and ask them specifically whether you are covered while on holiday in the country you are travelling to and covered against accidents while scuba diving. They also need to tell you what medical costs you are covered for.

Often the cover is for extremes – like permanent disability and then a fixed sum which may or may not be adequate in the event of an extreme disability.

All in all, my personal opinion is you are better off speaking to a specialised insurance company with specific policies to cover your scuba diving insurance needs rather than relying on a policy designed for generic purposes.

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