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scuba dive destinations equipment information

Where to scuba dive, scuba vacation spot reviews and suggestions, underwater photography tips and information on equipment with scuba news and information

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I think that the coral reefs are deeply in danger. We should sink old ship into a place where there is no corals so that the ship can coralize and start

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sardine run

The Sardine Run off the South Eastern Coast of South Africa is called 'The Greatest Shoal on Earth'.

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north atlantic garbage

Reasearches have found a huge swirling mass of north atlantic garbage, a mass of plastic debris polluting the north atlantic derived from plastic waste

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Scuba Diving vacations

Scuba Diving vacations, consumer reviews and destination suggestions.

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marine environmental issues

We are becoming more and more aware of Marine environmental issues and their importance to our world’s wellbeing, this is a forum where we discuss this

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Cone shell

The Cone shell, whilst in some cases poisonous enough to kill a human, has huge potential in medical research against diseases like Parkinsons, Epilepsy, arthritis, cancer and alzheimers.

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south africa

South Africa offers some of the most exciting scuba diving locations in the world with tropical through to cold water diving along its more than 2000km coastline.

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Epic Diving

Business Name: Epic Diving URL Epic Diving specializes in safe, up-close encounters with a variety of shark species throughout the

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Scuba Dive Destinations Scuba Dive Destinations is an online web portal that matches divers with dive shops and gives them ScubaPoints for

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Morph tropic

This is great. It gave me insight on what is happening in the ocean.

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Coral Reef and other major bodies of water are in fact being destroyed, mostly by human activities. We are constantly pumping chemicals and waste into

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Not rated yet ! Coral reefs have a lot of importance but i don't know why we humans are not getting this point and stopping its degradation. A very informative

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Jakob Hall

Very helpful article Thank

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Devon Fuller

This is a very interesting articl

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nice work but how can we stop coral reef destructio

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nice work but how can we stop coral reeef destructio

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everyone that are killing corral reefs are idiots! :

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Helped me with some research about it. Thanks!!

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This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Really people should listen because we really need the coral reefs it is a really beautiful place for fish to enjoy and it is also their homes and everyone

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Amazing presentation!! Thank You for sharing this. C'mon guys, the fate of our future is on us and unless we realize this soon enough, we are all gonna

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scuba regulator reviews

scuba regulator reviews and information for those who are considering a purchase

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Oceanic Delta 4.1

Here is a review on the specs, features and performance of the Oceanic Delta 4.1 scuba regulator

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Mares carbon 42

Here is a review on the Mares carbon 42 scuba regulator

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Mares Abyss 22 Extreme

A review on the Mares Abyss 22 Extreme regulator

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Hollis 212 DC3

The Hollis 212 DC3 is a a solid reg designed for a wide range of conditions, it delivers good performance at a reasonable price.

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Atomic Aquatics Z2x

Atomic Aquatics Z2x, a cut price regulator with all the performance of the best read a review with features performance and specifications

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Atomic Aquatics T2x

Atomic Aquatics T2x, the rolls royce of regulators, view a review on its features, specifications and performance

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gulf oil spill

The gulf oil spill from a BP operated Oil Rig is potentially a huge ecological disater threatening ocean life and environment across four states

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