Scuba diving insurance is often treated casually, to the detriment of those who end up needing it.

scuba diving insurance is something you shouldn’t ignore or take lightly when buying the insurance policy.

The following is a summary of ‘things to watch out for’:

Insurance is a complicated subject and there are so many clauses, exclusions, declarations and obligations that it is nothing short of a significant legal contract so should be treated as such.

When buying scuba diving insurance cover you need to be communicating directly with the insurance broker or dealer. There are too many variables and questions to be answered for you to be able to fill out a generic form on the internet and be certain you are covered in the manner you think you are or need to be.

You need to read the policy document.

Be aware of all the exclusions and limits (both financial and time) as well as excess amounts.

Due to the remote nature of a lot of the scuba dive locations evacuation being required is a possibility, check this is part of the scuba diving insurance cover.

You absolutely MUST be sure scuba diving is covered – do not assume it is.

The medical treatments covered must include hyperbaric chamber – this is a very expensive treatment and probably one of the more likely accident treatments you could incur.

Credit card insurance is often totally inadequate and depends entirely on the type of credit card and level as well – often only on higher ‘Platinum’ cards is the insurance cover adequate and even then only when specifically requested for extended cover including scuba diving insurance.

Credit Card cover is also often only travel cover whilst actually travelling so before departure and after arrival at destination you are NOT covered. It covers during your time in the departure lounge, while flying and before you exit the airport – literally.

Check your employee medical insurance, it can cover you for travel and also diving insurance, but may need specific notification to the insurer and or extended cover by way of an additional fee. Again, they need to know you are going to be scuba diving.

Medical Insurance can in some instances only cover you whilst you are abroad. It stops as soon as you return unless you have requested the cover to continue, ahead of time when buying the cover. It is usually expected that you have existing cover at home and therefore don’t need it when you get home. Tell them you are scuba diving.

If the insurance company decide it was a pre-existing condition – like tooth decay, they may refuse to cover you or reimburse you. Check this.

If they believe or claim you were under the influence of alcohol when injured you won’t be covered.

If you insured for a given amount – say $1000.00 of camera equipment, you end up claiming $500.00 and they deem you undervalued your equipment – perhaps it is actually worth $1500.00, they will often say 50% undervalued, therefore we are knocking 50% off your claim, here’s $250.00.

Keep your eyes wide open and read the policy documents before committing yourself and ask questions, the only stupid question is the one you didn't ask!

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