An ill-fitting scuba diving mask can make a dive a nightmare.....

I have been on a scuba dive where my scuba diving mask did not fit properly and every time I tilted my face forward, it filled with water, this meant that every time I wanted to look at something below me I had to clear my mask afterwards, I tried tightening the strap and that only made it more uncomfortable. It was an awful dive!

There are a huge variety of masks available and in all colours, the majority of the masks are made from either clear or black silicone which is soft and moulds easily to the shape of your face. It is a piece of scuba diving equipment whose importance is easy to overlook!

The scuba diving mask covers your face from forehead to usually, just below your nose and across from just behind your eyes on either side.

The entire mask has a skirt of soft silicone which forms a double seal to both prevent leakage as well as spread the surface area so the pressure on your face is minimised.

It is important to make sure when choosing your diving mask, that it fits. This is done by first trying the diving mask for comfort and size, then placing the mask over your face as though you were going to wear it, but with the strap hanging loose in front of the mask.

Holding the mask to your face, having made sure your hair has not been trapped under the skirt in any way, breathe in through your nose gently (if your ears are popping – ease up a bit!). If the mask is a fit, it should stay on your face without much effort on your part.

If it isn’t entirely comfortable, try another mask until it is perfect.

As a matter of interest, you now get masks with cam-corders inside the frame

and compare how it used to be, can you believe this was a state of the art diving mask?
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