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BP Officials have told the US congress, in a closed doors meeting, that the gulf oil spill, may be as much as 60 000 barrels of oil per day

BP officials told members of Congress in a closed-door meeting that the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico could be spewing as much as 60,000 barrels of crude a day, well over an earlier estimate of 5,000 barrels a day, according to reports on Wednesday.
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A Chinese registered bulk carrier has run aground on the Great Barrier reef

Updated news on this issue 12 April 2010:

The immediate danger from massive pollution has been averted, the ship has been refloated and towed to anchorage off Keppel Island where damage assessments will be carried out by divers.

The damage to the Barrier reef is said to be more than a kilometer of reef damage as a result of the ship 'scouring' the Read on>>>

Scientists have evidence great white sharks dive to far greater depths than previously realised

A great white shark tagged with a scientific data recording tag in New Zealand waters has been recorded to dive to almost 4000 feet below the ocean surface.

Data revealed by the scientists shows that the 4.8m shark, dubbed "Shack" probed to 1,200 meters, or 3,937 feet, as it crossed deep open ocean towards its summer ranges. Read on>>>

Coral reefs are under threat from human activities, scientists are assessing the prospects for the human race, if coral reefs were to die off.

Coral reefs are dying, and scientists and governments around the world are contemplating what will happen if they disappear altogether.

The idea positively scares them.

Coral reefs are part of the foundation of the ocean food chain. Nearly half the fish the world eats make their homes around them. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide — by some estimates, 1 billion across Asia alone — depend on them for their food and their livelihoods. Read on>>>

A Chinese registered bulk carrier has run aground on the Great Barrier reef

The bulk carrier was taking about 72,000 tons (65,000 metric tons) of coal to China from the Queensland port of Gladstone when it ran into the shoals off Queensland's coast in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

The bulk carrier ship was a "ticking environmental time bomb," Gilly Llewellyn, director of conservation for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Australia, told Reuters. She said this was the third major international incident involving its owners in four years. Read on>>>

Plans to scuttle the HMAS Adelaide off the Australian coast north of Sydney, off Avoca beach, are postponed

HMAS Adelaide will remain in Sydney Harbour for the time being, after the New South Wales Government was forced to cancel its plans to scuttle the decommissioned frigate this weekend.

The Adelaide was due to be towed from Sydney Harbour today and sunk off Avoca beach on the central coast as a diving attraction. Read on>>>

The Beluga sturgeon is in trouble, serious trouble.... and requires immediate conservation focus to save the species.

These sturgeon have declined by nearly 90 percent in the past several decades due to the demand for black caviar, inadequate management, and habitat degradation. Black caviar, the unfertilized roe (eggs) of the Beluga sturgeon, is the most valuable of all caviar, sold for as much as $8,000 for one kilogram (2.2 pounds). The species has gone extinct in the Adriatic Sea and is on the brink of extinction in the Azov Sea. Read on>>>

Portuguese marine protected areas announced give new hopes for the extension of Marine protected areas in European waters

The four portuguese marine protected areas – on the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge, Altair Seamount, Antialtair Seamount and Josephine Bank - cover a combined area of 120,000 square km, rich in vulnerable deepwater communities, including cold-water coral reefs, sponge fields, coral gardens, and deep sea bony fish, sharks and rays. Read on>>>

Shark attack australia - An Australian grandmother has survived a shark attack by repeatedly punching and kicking the animal after it "ripped off" part of her body.

Paddy Trumbull, 60, suffered deep bite wounds and lost a huge amount of blood in the incident while snorkelling near the Whitsunday Islands, Queensland.

Doctors say Mrs Trumbull is fortunate to be alive after suffering such a ferocious mauling.
At hospital, she joked about now having to get a "remodelled bottom". Read on>>>

A diving guide has formed special bond with a colossal sperm whale which allows him to swim alongside him.

Mr Armour is now able to invite other snorkelers and divers along to share the experience of swimming with Scar. Spectacular images taken last weekend near the Caribbean island Dominica show just how close Andrew Armour, a diving guide, is able to get to Scar, a 10-year-old male. Read on>>>

An oil crunch more serious than the financial crisis threatens to strike Britain within five years, Sir Richard Branson and other business leaders have warned.

Consumers face a spike in costs for heating, transport, food and other goods, according to the report entitled ''The Oil Crunch - a wake up call for the UK economy''.

It said the challenges facing the UK would exceed those presented by the financial crisis and said the poorest in society were most vulnerable to potentially significant increases.

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Blue whales, the earth’s largest mammals are said to be singing at increasingly lower frequencies all over the world.

Scientists have noted that the pitch at which Blue Whales ‘sing’ has and is, changing to increasingly lower pitches.

Scientists are unable to offer more than conjecture to explain the reasons for the change in tune…..

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KOTA KINABALU: A unique species of seahorse in Sabah’s east coast islands are under threat because of the actions of over-enthusiastic divers.

The Pygmy seahorse was discovered at coral reefs at diving havens such as Pulau Sipadan, Mabul, Bohay Dulang and Bodgaya barely five years ago

Since then, some dive operators have been bringing divers to known sites of these creatures that can blend with sea fans to serve as their habitat.

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A liveaboard diving charter boat, The Emperor Fraser, has been lost after running on to a reef near Sharm el Sheikh, Eqypt

The Emperor Fraser, one of the Emperor Divers fleet, went aground at Dunraven yesterday.

According to Emperor Divers, diving guests were in the water when the boat’s stern mooring lines broke free after a change in wind direction.

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Fatal liveaboard accident occurred in moderate conditions

The sinking of an Egyptian liveaboard in November, which cost two people’s lives, occurred in conditions which should not have posed a problem to the vessel. Two diving charterers were lost and presumed dead when the 28m-long Coral Princess sank near the Red Sea’s Jackson Reef, in the Straits of Tiran.

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The 260m-long CSCL Hamburg ran on to Woodhouse Reef, between the Sinai coast and Tiran Island, on New Year’s Eve.

Ship moved from Red Sea reef 1 February 2010

A cargo ship which grounded on Woodhouse reef a popular diving area in the northern Red Sea has been refloated and towed away. The 260m-long CSCL Hamburg ran on to Woodhouse Reef, between the Sinai coast and Tiran Island, on New Year’s Eve. There were no injuries, no leakages and no lost deck containers. Read on>>>

A Zimbabwean holidaymaker has been killed in a shark attack off the coastal beach of Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa. His body has not, and is not expected to be found.

In a shocking attack a Zimbabwean tourist has been killed in an attack by a Great white shark while swimming in waist deep water at the popular beach of Fish Hoek, near Cape Town in the False Bay area.

Witnesses say the man was attacked and lifted bodily out of the water by the enormous shark, which came back for a second attack taking the rest of the man out of sight. Read on>>>

Brisbane man in intensive care after potentially deadly jellyfish sting.

The 29-year-old Brisbane man was wearing what is known as a "stinger suit" when he dived off a yacht into the water near South Molle Island off Queensland. When he got stung in the face by the highly toxic Irukandji Jellyfish helicopter evacuation units had to be called to take him to hospital where he was placed under intensive care. Read on>>>

The West Atlas Oil rig, owned by PTTEP Australasia has been spilling between 400 and 3000 barrels of oil into the sea a day since late August

An estimated 400 barrels of crude oil and gas is spilling from a West Atlas offshore drilling rig, 250km north of Truscott since late August every day.

However environmental groups say this is a conservative estimate, done on aerial surveillance and no material facts. Other estimates extend the spill to being as much as 2,000 to 3,000 barrels a day. Read on>>>

A Turkish freighter, apparently 'banned' from European waters, plies its trade of Africa - then sinks causing untold environmental damage to the sea

The Gulser Ana, a Turkish freighter, ran aground off the southern tip of Madagascar and as a result thousands of tonnes of Phosphates, Heavy diesel fuel and oils have poured into the surrounding ocean causing serious damage to the environment. Read on>>>

Swain murder trial continues

JAMESTOWN, Rhode Island — This morning as the murder trial against David Swain kicked off; Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Terrence Williams told the court the 53 year old accused planned to murder his wife Shelley Tyre in 1999 for wealth and a new lover. Read on>>>

Irish brothers give up on endurance record attempt

Brothers Declan and Paul Devane entered the sea off Scubadive West Dive Centre in western Galway, Ireland on Saturday, 10 October. Read on>>>

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