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Atomic Aquatics T2x

Atomic’s venerable T2 is no more, but taking its place is the more nitrox friendly T2x. This solid-billet-titanium super breather comes with a factory-sealed first stage and a low-pressure port swivel turret. The second stage even sports titanium Comfort Swivel.

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Atomic Aquatics Z2x

Atomic added its Comfort Swivel to the Z2 and renamed it the Z2x. Its balanced-piston first stage is available with a seven LP port design or a five LP port swivel turret.

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Hollis 212/DC3

An overbalanced diaphragm allows the reg’s intermediate pressure to progressively increase as depth and gas-density increase for consistent gas flow regardless of depth.

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Mares Abyss 22 Extreme

This is the Abyss 22 plus Mares’ new Dry Cold Water Kit, which insulates the first stage and includes a coating for the second stage to prevent ice formation.

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The Mares Carbon 42

The Mares Carbon 42’s second stage is made from chopped carbon fibers sandwiched between two sheets of carbon composite for a strong, lightweight casing.

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The Oceanic delta 4.1

The FDX-10 first stage of the Oceanic Delta 4.1 comes with an environmental kit and Dry Valve Technology (DVT), which seals off the high-pressure inlet at the yoke to keep out moisture and contaminants.

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